Diaspora Organizations and Their Humanitarian Response in Timor-Leste

Authored by: Danish Refugee Council

Categories: Global Public Health, Human Rights, Humanitarian Emergencies
Sub-Categories: COVID-19, Economic Recovery, Human Development
Country: Timor-Leste
Region: East Asia and the Pacific
Year: 2021
Citation: "Diaspora Organizations and Their Humanitarian Response in Timor-Leste." Danish Refugee Council. September 2021.

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Executive Summary

The review focuses on the period from end March to end-May 2021, providing a rapid analysis of the humanitarian response of Timorese diaspora organizations to the flash floods and landslides caused as a result of tropical cyclone Seroja, which affected all 13 municipalities of the country at the end of March 2021. According to reports from the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office (RCO), a total of 33,177 households were affected, the majority in Dili municipality. Some 45 people died as a result of the floods, 28,000 houses were destroyed and 2,363 hectares of agricultural land were lost. Some 15,876 people were displaced and temporarily housed in 31 evacuation centres. By early May 2021, the majority of the temporarily displaced had begun to return home. Timor-Leste was already in a State of Emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic and on 8 April 2021, as a result of the floods, the government declared a State of Calamity for 30 days and requested international assistance.