Evaluating Business Women 2014

A Mobile Value Added Service for Women Entrepreneurs

Authored by: Mark R. Levy, Han Ei Chew, Michael L. Best, et al

Categories: Statebuilding
Sub-Categories: Economic Participation, Human Development, Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Country: Indonesia, Tanzania, Nigeria
Region: No Region
Year: 2014
Citation: Levy, Mark R, Han Ei Chew, Michael L. Best, et al. Evaluating Business Women 2014: A Mobile Value Added Service for Women Entrepreneurs. London: Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, 2014.

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Executive Summary

Despite the increasing awareness of the value of women’s financial independence, businesswomen, particularly in developing countries, face countless barriers on their path to economic and social empowerment. Some of these constraints are deeply rooted in history, culture and social structure. In this age of information and globally networked societies, there is an increasingly important tool – the mobile value added service – that can deliver the information and skills training required to facilitate the economic empowerment of women in the developing world. The Business Women service is one such tool. The Business Women mobile value added service reached more than 100,000 women in Indonesia, Nigeria, and Tanzania. Business Women was designed to deliver business training specifically tailored for women entrepreneurs via SMS. This study evaluates the impact of the Business Women mobile value added service.