Gender as a Site of Protest: Women’s Resistance in Kashmir’s 2016 Uprising

Authored by: Seema Kazi

Categories: Violent Conflict
Sub-Categories: Democratization and Political Participation, National Security Forces and Armed Groups
Country: India
Region: South and Central Asia
Year: 2018
Citation: Kazi, Seema. Gender as a Site of Protest: Women's Resistance in Kashmir's 2016 Uprising. Report. December 2018.

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Executive Summary

Women have been integral to Kashmir’s struggle for justice since the 1987 uprising. Kashmiri women have joined men in protesting militarization, human rights abuse, and gender-based violence by state forces. The 2016 Kashmiri rebellion, however, represented a shift from the past: it produced new politized constituencies amongst female school and college students. Notably, 2016 generated a distinctly gendered protest movement exemplified by women-led, women-only protests across Kashmir.