Gendering Conflict and Peace in Israel/Palestine and the North of Ireland

Authored by: Simona Sharoni

Categories: Peace Support Operations
Sub-Categories: International Agreements, Peacemaking
Country: Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland
Region: Europe and Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa
Year: 1998
Citation: Sharoni, Simona. "Gendering Conflict and Peace in Israel/Palestine and the North of Ireland." Millenium: Journal of International Studies 27.4 (1998):1061-1089.

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Executive Summary

This paper employs a gender-sensitive analysis not to privlege gender over other dimensions of identity or conflict. Rather, it finds an analysis useful because it has the potential to address questions of identity, difference and power asymmetries which are at the heart of most transitions ushered by the signing of diplomatic agreements. The gender-sensitive analysis enables it to examine not only relations between men and women but also other social relations, particularly those grounded in unequal divisions of power and privilege.