Generation Equality Accountability Report 2022

Authored by: United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

Categories: The Field of Women, Peace and Security
Sub-Categories: Democratization and Political Participation, Economic Participation, Human Development
Region: No Region
Year: 2022
Citation: "Generation Equality Accountability Report 2022." United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. September 2022.

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Executive Summary

In the UN Decade for Action on Gender Equality, people around the world have pledged to move from rhetoric to action and to work together to drive lasting change, starting now. Through the 2021 Generation Equality Forum in Mexico and France, world leaders and partners committed to eliminating gender inequalities and to financing and implementing laws, policies, and programmes to meet priority actions and targets in a Global Acceleration Plan for Gender Equality. The aim is simple but profound: deliver irreversible, quantifiable results for women and girls in all their diversity.

Together, commitment makers and signatories of a series of Action Coalitions, along with the Compact for Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action have begun to build an ambitious global movement. It unites diverse partners committed to collective accountability for women and girls. This accountability is the driving force of this report, which takes stock of the bold commitments made at the Forum one year into implementation. Through a survey of commitment-makers, the report sheds light on the nature of the commitments and assesses measurable progress. It highlights trends and notes where more work is needed.

Generation Equality was born from the idea that the world could make catalytic progress on gender equality if a wide range of stakeholders united around a transformative vision and worked together to achieve it. These preliminary findings demonstrate that, while more remains to be done, collective action is powerful in making commitments real in the lives of women and girls.