Generation Equality Accountability Report 2023: Action Coalition on Economic Justice and Rights

Authored by: Asha Meagher, Jocelyn Chu, Marie Berg et al.

Categories: Human Rights
Sub-Categories: Economic Participation, International Agreements
Region: No Region
Year: 2023
Citation: Meagher, Asha, Jocelyn Chu, Marie Berg, Maureen Gitonga, Raymond Shama and Svenja Siemonsen. Generation Equality Accountability Report 2023: Action Coalition on Economic Justice and Rights. Generation Equality, 2023.

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Executive Summary

Launched in 2021 in Mexico City and Paris, Generation Equality signifies a powerful commitment to hasten the pace of progress towards achieving gender equality and empowering women. It does so through tangible and measurable actions, directly contributing to the 2030 Agenda. Generation Equality’s six thematic Action Coalitions and the Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action Compact (WPSHA) are dynamic, multi-stakeholder alliances propelling global mobilization. They are sparking conversations across generations, fostering greater gender-responsive investments, and delivering concrete and transformative results for women and girls.

The 2023 Accountability Report demonstrated that the Generation Equality stakeholder model of solidarity and collaboration is working. With a remarkable presence in 126 countries, Generation Equality stakeholders are mobilizing new funding of at least USD 47 billion and are delivering gamechanging results through 849 policies, 2,306 programmes and 3,649 advocacy initiatives. New opportunities for collaboration are being fostered, reinforcing the importance of a networked multilateralism to transform gender inequality. Globally, 82 per cent of reported commitments have resulted in new or strengthened partnerships and 89 per cent support marginalized groups or communities.