Getting From Here To There: Successful Implementation Of The Global Fragility Act

Authored by: Elizabeth Hume and Jessica Baumgardner-Zuzik

Categories: Conflict Prevention, Human Rights
Sub-Categories: Economic Participation, Peacekeeping, Peacemaking
Region: No Region
Year: 2020
Citation: Hume, Elizabeth and Jessica Baumgardner-Zuzik. "Getting From Here To There: Successful Implementation Of The Global Fragility Act." Alliance for Peacebuilding. July 2020.

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Executive Summary

The inclusion of the Global Fragility Act (GFA) in the 2020 Consolidated Appropriations Act is a significant step forward in US government planning and operations for addressing state fragility. Building on a number of lessons learned from previous US government operations, empirical research, and the experience of civil society organizations, the GFA represents a move away from business as usual and toward longer-term, more coordinated activities. However, this is only true if it is implemented in accordance with this intent. Effective coordination is difficult, and implementation of the GFA will face the same challenges that other attempts to deliver coordinated work have in the past.

This report focuses specifically on questions of operationalizing implementation of the GFA by providing challenges and opportunities and recommendations and specific examples that must be addressed in the strategy, operations, and ten-year country plans. This report was developed from a review of existing empirical research, direct consultations with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, several workshops, and novel data analysis, and includes recommendations from how to engage with civil society to which countries are recommended for priority designation as stabilization and prevention countries, and what legislative engagement is still needed to support the goals of the GFA.