Independent Report on the Implementation of NAP 1325 in Serbia

Authored by: Gorana Odanović and Maja Bjelos

Categories: National Action Plans
Sub-Categories: National Action Plans, Security Sector Reform (SSR)
Country: Serbia
Region: Europe and Eurasia
Year: 2012
Citation: Odanović, Gorana and Maja Bjelos. Independent Report on the Implementation of NAP 1325 in Serbia. Belgrade: Belgrade Center for Security Policy, 2012.

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Executive Summary

This Report covers a twelve-month period – from the adoption of NAP in late December 2010 till the end of July 2012. In this report, we wish to present the greatest achievements in the NAP implementation process, point out the challenges encountered in this process, and propose measures for overcoming these and improving NAP implementation. We focused in particular on institutional cooperation with civil society organizations (CSO) on the implementation of the NAP, considering that CSOs have been recognized as activity lead implementers in almost all of the NAP chapters. The findings and recommendations presented in this report were drawn up based on an analysis of publicly available documents and information on the activities of institutions tasked with implementing NAP 1325, on responses to the questionnaires that the Belgrade Center for Security Policy sent to competent institutions (pursuant to the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance) and on interviews with representatives of state institutions and international organizations working to empower and improve the position of women in Serbia.