Invest in Women to Tackle Climate Change and Conserve the Environment

Facts, Solutions, Case Studies, and Calls to Action

Authored by: Nicholas Wedeman and Tricia Petruney

Categories: Human Rights, Humanitarian Emergencies
Sub-Categories: Climate and Environment, Economic Participation
Year: 2019
Citation: Wedeman, Nicholas, and Tricia Petruney. “Invest in Women to Tackle Climate Change and Conserve the Environment: Facts, Solutions, Case Studies, and Calls to Action.” Women Deliver, December 2019.

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Executive Summary

Gender equality is critical to the fight against climate change. The first step toward tackling the challenges of climate change is to create a backdrop against which girls and women are empowered to safeguard the environment. Climate change and environmental degradation represent a great threat to poverty reduction, gender equality and to achieving the SDGs. They impact health, food security, nutrition, food production, migration, and people’s earnings. Given many girls’ and women’s roles in agricultural production and as the procurers and consumers of water, cooking fuel, and other household resources, they are not only well suited to find solutions to prevent further degradation and adapt to the changing climate — they have a vested interest in doing so. This policy brief examines some useful strategies to promote the inclusion of women in climate change mitigation, adaptation, and negotiations — and ensure their voices are heard.