Lessons Never Learned: Crisis and gender‐based violence

Authored by: Sara E Casey, Giselle Carino, Terry McGovern

Categories: Global Public Health
Sub-Categories: COVID-19, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)
Year: 2020
Citation: Casey, Sarah E, Giselle Carino, and Terry McGovern. “Lessons Never Learned: Crisis and Gender‐Based Violence.” Developing World Bioethics, April 2020.

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The COVID‐19 pandemic exposes underlying inequalities in our socio‐economic and health systems, such as gender‐based violence (GBV). In emergencies, particularly ones that involve quarantine, GBV often increases. Policymakers must utilize community expertise, technology and existing global guidelines to disrupt these trends in the early stages of the COVID‐19 epidemic. Gender norms and roles relegating women to the realm of care work puts them on the frontlines in an epidemic, while often excluding them from developing the response. It is critical to value women’s roles in society and include their voices in the decision‐making process to avoid unintended consequences and ensure a comprehensive response that caters to the needs of the most vulnerable groups.