Macedonia National Action Plan on Women, Peace & Security (2013-2015)

Authored by: Government of the Republic of Macedonia

Categories: National Action Plans
Sub-Categories: National Action Plans
Country: Macedonia
Region: Europe and Eurasia
Year: 2013
Citation: Macedonia National Action Plan on Women, Peace & Security (2013-2015). Skopje: Government of the Republic of Macedonia, 2013.

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The Resolution 1325 and the subsequent resolutions of the UN Security Council (Resolution 1820, Resolution 1888 and 1889) are the basis for states and regional organizations to initiate and advocate for effective policy implementation of the principles and provisions of the resolutions. The Resolution is a basis for the expansion of the guidelines on human rights, especially human rights of women internationally and calls upon states and international institutions to take steps for its implementation. The role of women in all spheres of Macedonian society is significant and important. Their active role in the creation and realization of peace and security policy of the Republic of Macedonia is one of the important aspects of women's participation which will contribute to the adoption and implementation of a gender-sensitive policy and decrease of gender inequality in the area of peace and security. The establishment of a gender-sensitive peace and security policy stems from the need to address the challenges and risks that undermine the position of women or marginalize their role in situations of crises and conflicts, post-conflict situations and in situations of peace building.