Men and Women and Peacekeeping: A Research Note

Authored by: Judith H. Stiehm

Categories: Peace Support Operations
Sub-Categories: Peacekeeping
Region: No Region
Year: 1995
Citation: Stiehm, Judith H. "Men and Women and Peacekeeping: A Research Note." International Peacekeeping 2, no. 4 (1995): 564-569.

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Executive Summary

This article explores the impact of gender on how peace is pursued. Men have typically pursued peace via diplomacy backed by military strength, while women have traditionally pursued peace through citizen peace action groups. This is echoed by opinion polls that reflect differences of opinion between men and women on topics related to peace. The article explores how peacekeeping is a peculiar hybrid, incorporating military personnel but not for the purpose of fighting and who employ practices advocated for and practiced by citizen peace action groups. Ultimately, it concludes that while new peacekeeping clearly has this potential for an expanded women's role, that potential has not been fully developed.