NATO and UNSC Resolution 1325

Authored by: Mario Masdea

Categories: The Field of Women, Peace and Security
Sub-Categories: National Security Forces and Armed Groups, Security Sector Reform (SSR), UN Resolutions
Country: NATO Countries
Region: North America
Year: 2012
Citation: Masdea, Mario. "NATO and UNSC Resolution 1325." Vox Collegii Magazine IV (2012): 14-16.

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Executive Summary

The article argues that while progress has been made in terms of female participation in the armed forces of NATO countires, women still lack opportunities for senior leadership positions and there are significant discrepancies in the treatement of women between member nations. NATO should, therefore, push for a standardization of personnel evaluation systems, laws, and regulations which openly endorse equal rights and opportunities for women, and a revaluation of traditions which may hinder women’s career advancement. The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 offers an excellent opportunity to revisit these matters and further involve women in the process.