Not Secondary but Central

Securing Gender in the Mainstream

Authored by: New America

Categories: The Field of Women, Peace and Security
Sub-Categories: Democratization and Political Participation, Security Sector Reform (SSR)
Country: United States
Region: North America
Year: 2016
Citation: Not Secondary but Central: Securing Gender in the Mainstream. National Security and Foreign Policy. Washington, DC: New America, 2016.

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Executive Summary

New America commissioned POLITICO FOCUS to conduct research among US national security policymakers and influencers. The study aimed to understand perceptions around gender, particularly gender mainstreaming and the inclusive security agenda, in national security and foreign policymaking. POLITICO FOCUS leverages a design-thinking approach to qualitative research. Our method is rooted in ethnography, anthropology and psychology, allowing organizations to gain better insight into what makes influencers tick. We conducted one-on-one, hour-long, in-depth interviews with 12 highly-targeted national security and foreign policymakers and influencers. This method allows us to reveal influencer perceptions, as well as better understand the motivations and driving forces behind those perceptions.