Responding to Disaster

Women’s Roles in Nepal’s Political Transition and Earthquake Recovery

Authored by: Briana Mawby and Anna Applebaum

Categories: Human Rights, Humanitarian Emergencies
Sub-Categories: Climate and Environment, Economic Recovery, Human Development, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)
Country: Nepal
Region: South and Central Asia
Year: 2021
Citation: Mawby, Briana and Anna Applebaum. "Responding to Disaster: Women’s Roles in Nepal’s Political Transition and Earthquake Recovery." Social Science Baha. 2021.

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Executive Summary

Communities experiencing or emerging from conflict are often affected by natural disasters as well, creating intersecting challenges in the rebuilding process. For the communities involved, these issues are fundamentally intertwined and connected; it is not possible to respond to one set of challenges without being influenced by the other. It is important to understand how fragile communities respond to and address both conflict and disasters, rather than examining these as separate and distinct processes. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand the key roles that women play in this intersection; research shows women’s roles in these overlapping contexts are critical to effective recovery and reconstruction.