Sinn Féin Women: Footnoted Foot Soldiers and Women of No Importance

Authored by: Margaret Keiley-Listermann

Categories: Statebuilding
Sub-Categories: Democratization and Political Participation, National Security Forces and Armed Groups, Political Transitions
Country: Ireland
Region: Europe and Eurasia
Year: 2010
Citation: Keiley-Listermann, Margaret. Sinn Féin Women: Footnoted Foot Soldiers and Women of No Importance. Santa Barbara: Greenwood Pub Group, 2010.

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Executive Summary

Even though the role of women within Sinn Fein has been consistent and persistent, many historical books seem to be unaware of the contributions of women in the struggle for Irish independence. Whilst the important events in Irish history are retold with the precision worthy of mythical legends, the legacy of Republican women seems to be reduced to an obscure footnote. In this book, deconstructing the images of Irish women and demonstrating the significant responsibilities of a female foot soldier within Sinn Fein will profile a general overview of the duties performed by the Republican woman. Whether overt or covert, these Republican women have been seen as agents of rebellion and social action. Strong, determined, and principled, Republican women have played an integral role in the political development of an independent Ireland. In a centennial review of the legacy of the women of Sinn Fein, this book seeks to raise awareness of the footnoted foot soldiers and their lasting contributions. This well-researched history of Republican women in Sinn Fein uncovers the activities of a committed and brave group of women who were not content to simply play supporting roles, but were integral to their cause and active in combat and political arenas, often paying a great personal price for their dedication.