Social media usage and support for women in community leadership: Evidence from Qatar

Authored by: Bethany Shockley, Noora Ahmed Lari, Engi Assad Ahmed El-Maghraby, et al

Categories: Statebuilding
Sub-Categories: Advanced Technologies, Democratization and Political Participation
Country: Qatar
Region: Middle East and North Africa
Year: 2020
Citation: Shockley, Bethany, et al. “Social Media Usage and Support for Women in Community Leadership: Evidence from Qatar.” Women's Studies International Forum 81 (May 2020).

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Is social media usage related to the acceptance of Arab women in community leadership? Since the Arab Spring, many have linked information communication technology (ICTs) with fast-moving political transitions, but their implications for widespread attitudinal shifts empowering women remain unclear. We use nationally representative survey data from Qatar to explore the relationship between social media and women’s empowerment. Findings indicate that social media usage is related to increased support for women in community leadership among Qatari females but not males. Women are using social media to engage with the public sphere, even where political activism has not been common.