The Arbitrary Arrest and Detention of Rohingya Since the Attempted Coup

Authored by: Women's Peace Network

Categories: Human Rights, Humanitarian Emergencies, Violent Conflict
Sub-Categories: Human Development, Mass Atrocities, Migration, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)
Country: Myanmar
Region: East Asia and the Pacific
Year: 2022
Citation: "The Arbitrary Arrest and Detention of Rohingya Since the Attempted Coup." Women's Peace Network. March 2022.

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Executive Summary

Over a year since the attempted coup on February 1, 2021, the Myanmar military junta, which is led by the perpetrators of the decades-long genocide against Rohingya, is continuing to act with the intent of destroying this ethnic minority and indigenous group as well as commit widespread and systematic attacks of violence against the country’s entire population. As was reported by the United Nations (UN) Independent International FactFinding Mission in 2018, the Myanmar military and security forces had perpetrated war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity for decades, including by using sexual violence as a “hallmark” of their operations; in 2017, these forces launched strategic attacks of genocide against Rohingya, forcing hundreds of thousands to be displaced and seek refuge in neighboring countries. Despite the International Court of Justice’s provisional measures in 2019, today, Rohingya as a group, including the millions of refugees, have no chance of finding peace and security, returning to their homes across Myanmar, and having their fundamental rights restored indefinitely.

This briefer provides a brief, on-the-ground situation update of Rohingya and demonstrates the way in which the Myanmar military and security forces are committing arbitrary arrest and detention, including by issuing restrictions to the group’s movement, to continue their strategic persecution of Rohingya.