The Gender Dimension of Displacement: Concept Paper and Annotated Bibliography

Authored by: Judy Benjamin and Khadija Fancy

Categories: Human Rights, Humanitarian Emergencies
Sub-Categories: Migration
Region: No Region
Year: 1998
Citation: Benjamin, Judy and Khadija Fancy. The Gender Dimension of Displacement: Concept Paper and Annotated Bibliography. New York: United Nation's Children's Fund, 1998.

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This brief concept paper identifies the main issues concerning the rights of displaced women and girls. It aims to sharpen awareness of the gender dimensions to internal displacement and to provide initial guidance to UNICEF and other agencies on the appropriate gender response to the urgent and growing needs of internally displaced women. The subject clearly deserves in-depth analysis and further research, which this concept paper seeks to stimulate. This analysis employs a gender perspective to examine several key questions: What are the major issues of concern to internally displaced women? What steps should agencies take to address and ensure the rights of displaced women? A gender perspective of the appreciation of fundamental differences between men and womens roles in societies is not difficult to apply if one approaches the issue from the basic principles of human rights determined by a person is gender. The consequences of not applying a gender perspective resonate in overlooked human rights abuses against women and girls.