The Gender of Reparations: Setting the Agenda

Authored by: Ruth Rubio-Marín

Categories: Statebuilding
Sub-Categories: Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Transitional Justice
Region: No Region
Year: 2006
Citation: Rubio-Marín, Ruth. "The Gender of Reparations: Setting the Agenda." In What Happened to the Women? Gender and Reparations for Human Rights Violations, edited by Ruth Rubio-Marin, 20-47. New York: Social Science Research Council, 2006.

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This chapter serves as an introduction to the book as a whole. “This book shows the manifold ways in which women are victimized under authoritarian regimes and during violent conflict . . . . the starting point of the quest that motivates this book is the need to redress a history of double marginalization: the marginalization of victims within the framework of the larger debates that take place in transitional and post-conflict societies, and within it, the marginalization of women.”