The Public Sphere, Women and the Casamance Peace Process

Authored by: Irene N. Osemeka

Categories: Peace Support Operations
Sub-Categories: Peacemaking
Country: Senegal
Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
Year: 2011
Citation: Osemeka, Irene N. "The Public Sphere, Women and the Casamance Peace Process." Historia Actual Online 25 (2011): 57-65.

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Women in the Casamance are traditionally confined to the private sphere as mothers, wives and farmers while a few are female priests. The protracted nature of the Casamance conflict has had devastating effects on the civilian population including women. But it has also provided opportunities for women to contribute to the peace process thereby thrusting them into the public sphere, which otherwise, is the domain of men. The paper focuses on the reconciliatory efforts in the Casamance showing the link between the public sphere, women and the resolution of conflicts. It will also proffer solutions that can lead to a more inclusive process, taking into consideration the exclusionary approach of the Casamance peace efforts which has contributed significantly to the failure to achieve durable solution to the conflict