The Uganda Action Plan on UN Security Council Resolutions 1325 & 1820 and The Goma Declaration

Authored by: Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development

Categories: National Action Plans
Sub-Categories: National Action Plans
Country: Uganda
Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
Year: 2008
Citation: Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. The Uganda Action Plan on UN Security Council Resolutions 1235 & 1820 and The Goma Declaration. Kampala, Uganda: The Government of the Republic of Uganda. 2008.

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The Government of Uganda is committed to the implementation of the United Nations Security Resolutions (UNSCR) 1325&1820 and the Goma Declaration as a mechanism of strengthening women’s participation and involvement in the promotion of peace and security within the context of conflict prevention and resolution, eradicating sexual violence and ending impunity in conflict prone situations. These instruments compliment other national, regional and global policy and legal frameworks to which Uganda is a party, underscoring government’s commitment to promote, protect and fulfill women’s human rights in all spheres. This Action Plan for implementation of UNSCR 1325&1820 together with Goma Declaration defines a systematic framework for national actions and monitoring systems to assess progress and impact of interventions at all levels.