United Kingdom National Action Plan on Women, Peace & Security

Authored by: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Categories: National Action Plans
Sub-Categories: National Action Plans
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Europe and Eurasia
Year: 2014
Citation: Foreign and Commonwealth Office. United Kingdom National Action Plan on Women, Peace & Security. London: Government of the United Kingdom, 2014.

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The UK’s National Action Plan is a tool to enable us to articulate our priorities on Women, Peace and Security and coordinate implementation of our work at the na- tional level. The NAP consists of the vision and principles presented in the front of this document; the outcomes, outputs and activities detailed in the middle; and the focus countries, institutions and partners we commit to working with, described towards the end. The UK’s NAP serves as a guiding national policy docu- ment that is able to capture the diverse set of initiatives taking place within the UK Government across our secu- rity, foreign policy and development work. It outlines the results that we expect these initiatives to bring. It serves to provide direction and vision for our staff and partners to ensure that women and girls are at the centre of all our efforts to prevent, resolve and respond to conflict. The UK commits to developing and publishing an Imple- mentation Plan with baseline data on this National Action Plan by the end of 2014. This baseline data will be used as a benchmark to assess UK efforts on Women, Peace and Security throughout the life of this National Action Plan by each of the FCO, DFID, and MOD.