Women, Peace and Security: The Way forward

Authored by: Elisabeth Buchan, Amanda Fielding, Jenny Lee, et al

Categories: The Field of Women, Peace and Security
Sub-Categories: Countering Violent Extremism, National Action Plans, Security Sector Reform (SSR)
Country: Australia
Region: East Asia and the Pacific
Year: 2017
Citation: Buchan, Elizabeth, Amanda Fielding, Jenny Lee, Brendan Nicholson, Sofia Patel, Lisa Sharland, Laura Shepard, Amanda Sheridan, Leanne Smith, and Jennifer Whitwe. Women, Peace and Security: The Way Forward. March 2017.

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Executive Summary

The articles in this Strategic Insights paper, originally published on the ASPI Strategist website throughout March 2017, include analysis about what women, peace and security (WPS) means for Australia’s defence and national security. Within the context of defence, it’s evident that strengthening women’s participation in the security sector and integrating gender perspectives contributes to capability and operational effectiveness. Yet it’s still an issue plagued with misconceptions and that needs to be better understood. As the nature of conflict continues to evolve, the WPS agenda will need to remain adaptive. The adoption of the eighth UN Security Council resolution on WPS in 2015 (2242) included a focus on countering violent extremism (CVE).