Women, Peacekeeping and Peacemaking: Gender Balance and Mainstreaming

Authored by: Judith Hicks Stiehm

Categories: Peace Support Operations
Sub-Categories: Peacekeeping
Region: No Region
Year: 2001
Citation: Hicks Stiehm, Judith. "Women, Peacekeeping and Peacemaking: Gender Balance and Mainstreaming." International Peacekeeping 8, no. 2 (2001): 39-48 .

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The new, multidimensional peacekeeping missions have profound effects on women. Current UN policies and guidelines have recognized this, and fully support women’s participation in peacekeeping and also support attentiveness to their needs and circumstances, that is, gender mainstreaming. The UN’s commitment to gender balance and main-streaming is clear; however, that commitment is new and implementation is far from perfect. Implementation is an immediate concern. For the most part institutionalization lies further in the future.