Working Plan to Implement Resolution 1325, “Women, Peace and Security” 2013-2015

Authored by: Agency of Gender Equality

Categories: National Action Plans
Sub-Categories: National Action Plans
Country: Kosovo
Region: Europe and Eurasia
Year: 2014
Citation: Agency of Gender Equality. Working Plan to Implement Resolution 1325,“Women, Peace and Security” 2013-2015. Pristina: Government of the Republic of Kosovo, 2014.

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In this context the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, and various civil society organizations in Kosovo, have engaged in implementing Resolution 1325 by willingly drafting the Working Plan (WP)145. But before the WP enters into the discussion and drafting process, it is essential to bring to attention what has been done in Kosovo up to now, with regard to the integration of the gender perspective in decision-making, the role of women in conflict resolution and peace preservation and the punishment of those who caused crimes during the war. It is very important in the beginning that we recognize the situation we are in, that we recognize and analyze what is lacking and what has been achieved in the social, economic and political aspect, as well as the social will and resources to engage in implementing this resolution. This report is based on a considerable number of documents (about 30) among which are the relevant legislation and legal amendments made, human rights monitoring reports drafted by international institutions, research done by institutions and also by civil society (KWN in 2007 and 2009), as well as a series of other academic evaluation and monitoring documents for issues relating to this Resolution.