Amplifying the Forgotten Voices of Yemeni Women

Yemen is one of the hardest places in the world to be a woman. Far too frequently, women die in bombings and disappear without a trace. It can be difficult to accurately record their experiences, due to the lack of infrastructure and security. But that doesn’t stop Wameedh Shakir. At significant risk, Wameedh researches and records women’s daily challenges and aspirations, so that the future government of a democratic Yemen – and the international community –  have enough data to make informed decisions. In this conversation, she tells us how she amplifies the voices of Yemeni women, and what they are saying.

I collect voices of women, formulate their priorities, opinions, rights, and aspirations, dreams into reports. I defend for their visibility, for their participation, representation, by amplifying their voices. This is my main mission in life.

This episode was produced by Suad Ahmed, a Yemeni female reporter. Her ability to capture this story in the midst of a civil war and a pandemic is yet another indication of Yemeni women’s tenacity and strength during an incredibly challenging time.

The story was edited by David Alandete, mixed by Martine Chaussard, and mastered by Laurent Apffel. Our team includes lead producer Caro Rolando, assistant producer Laura Ubaté, production manager Luis Gil, and executive producer Martina Castro. Georgetown University’s liaison to the podcast is Sarah Rutherford.

Read the full episode transcript.

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