Defying Gender Norms in Peacekeeping

The United Nations is the largest peacekeeping body in the world. In this episode, we explore the dynamic and interconnected world of peacekeeping. You’ll hear from uniformed women working in different positions in UN peacekeeping missions – one works in corrections and another serves in military affairs. These women discuss the technical nature of their jobs and reveal what it is like to work in male dominated fields where respect can be difficult to come by. They will help us understand why the inclusion of women is imperative for the success of peacekeeping operations.

This episode was produced by Alana Herlands, Alex Jhamb Burns, and Alesandra Tejeda. It was scored, mixed, and mastered by Alesandra Tejeda and edited by Grace Lynch. Season three of Seeking Peace is produced by Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security and Wonder Media Network, in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Peace Operations and Our Secure Future.

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