The Daily Work of Building Peace

You might think of peacebuilding as peace talks that take place in big rooms, between country officials. But peacebuilding takes many forms, including within communities, between coworkers, families, and neighbors. Around the world, women play central roles in the daily work of building peace. Their critical contributions to international peace and security were formally recognized by the UN Security Council in 2000 in a landmark resolution known as UNSCR 1325, from which the Women, Peace and Security Agenda has been created. Listen to the stories of two women building peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cyprus who describe the challenges they face, what inspires them to keep pushing for change, and what unites their efforts.

This episode was produced by Alana Herlands, Alex Jhamb Burns, and Alesandra Tejeda. It was scored, mixed, and mastered by Alesandra Tejeda and edited by Grace Lynch. Season three of Seeking Peace is produced by Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security and Wonder Media Network, in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Peace Operations and Our Secure Future.

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