Mary Robinson: Climate Change

Former Irish President Mary Robinson tackles climate change. And in Mexico: getting water is becoming an all-consuming task for many women.

Mary Robinson was elected to the Irish Senate at the age of 25. She went on to serve as president of Ireland, top mediator for the UN, and now—climate justice advocate and podcast host. We talk to Robinson about how climate change affects every aspect of global society, including the tendency towards conflict. Shrinking natural resources can exacerbate tensions, which sometimes erupt in violence. Women—whose lives frequently revolve around gathering water and food—tend to feel the impacts of climate change and shrinking natural resources the most. But more often than not, women are left out of decision-making around resource management. This is something Mary Robinson is working to change.

But first, we bring you to Mexico. The population of the nation’s capital city continues to grow, as does the demand for water. Access to that resource is diminishing rapidly and climate change is threatening longer dry seasons. Reporter Sarah Barrett says: for many women, getting water is becoming an all-consuming and never-ending task.

Check out the photos below from Mexico. Photo credit: Carmen Graterol

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