In Taliban Strongholds, a Woman Stands for Peace

In Afghanistan, one the most unequal and dangerous countries in the world for women, activist Muqadasa Ahmadzai tells us how she went from hiding her studies from her family, to becoming one of the country’s most well-known social activists and a member of the Youth Parliament. Muqadasa tells us about the network of women activists she leads, their involvement in peace-building activities, and how they are fighting disinformation about COVID-19 in Taliban strongholds.

Special thanks to Mehek Mazhar and Hirra Farooqi for their translation and voiceover work.

This episode was produced by our lead producer Caro Rolando, edited by David Alandete, mixed by Martine Chaussard, and mastered by Laurent Apffel. Our team includes assistant producer Laura Ubaté, production manager Luis Gil, and executive producer Martina Castro.

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