Justice for Black Mothers

In this episode, we hear about how women like Kenithia Alston are fighting for peace and security for Black lives in America. Ms. Alston’s son, Marqueese, was killed blocks away from the White House by the DC Metropolitan Police in 2018. Ms. Alston has spent the past two years seeking an explanation for her son’s death from the police and the mayor of Washington, and has filed a $100 million wrongful death lawsuit. She is currently represented by the Civil Rights Clinic at Georgetown University’s Law Center. She says she has faced hurdles to be heard and taken seriously in her pursuit for justice.

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This episode was produced by Erica Morrison, edited by David Alandete, mixed by Martine Chaussard, and mastered by Laurent Apffel. Our team includes lead producer Caro Rolando, assistant producer Laura Ubaté, production manager Luis Gil, and executive producer Martina Castro.

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