Nobel Prize Winner Nadia Murad

2018 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nadia Murad was 21 years old when ISIS militants carried out a genocide against her Yazidi community in Northern Iraq. During the genocide, ISIS killed her mother and six of her siblings and forced her into sexual slavery. Nadia managed to escape and soon after began speaking out.

“I wanted the world to know what happened to us and to help our community recover and to take some steps to make sure that what happened would never happen again in Iraq or anywhere else in the world.”


Today, Nadia is working with Amal Clooney to bring ISIS to justice in court. Through her organization, Nadia’s Initiative, she is also rebuilding what ISIS destroyed in Iraq.

“Once they said ISIS was defeated….the world leaves us behind and my community continues to suffer to this day. They still need help.”


This is Nadia’s story. Listen and follow @nadiainitiative so Nadia and her Yazidi community know they are not forgotten.


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