The Struggle for Peace in Colombia

Although a peace deal was signed in Colombia in 2016, peace still seems out of reach — especially for human rights defenders. Almost 50 activists have been killed in Colombia so far this year. Clemencia Carabalí, the founder of the women’s cooperative ASOM, has a solution: She’s training human rights defenders to make themselves heard and seen. That way, if they are attacked, the attackers know there will be consequences. Hear how Carabalí has been empowering Afro Colombian women for more than 20 years, and how she’s continuing her work today in spite of the devastating effects the pandemic is having on her community.

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This story was produced by Laura Ubaté in collaboration with UN Women. Special thanks to producer Lina Gaitán for her help gathering tape in Colombia, and to Leila Day of The Stoop podcast for voicing Clemencia’s testimony in English. If you want to hear Leila’s work discussing what it means to be Black in America today, you can go to

We have also partnered with La Linea del Medio on the ground in Bogotá to publish a version of this story in Spanish.

Season two of Seeking Peace is produced by Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security and Adonde Media, in collaboration with Our Secure Future.

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