The Superwomen of Libya

Protesting has its limits. At least that’s 23-year-old activist Rawan Khalfallah’s experience in Libya. Now, nine years after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, Rawan and her colleagues at Together We Build It are finding creative ways to advocate for peace and women’s rights. Hear all about the “Super Nsaween” (that’s Super Women) campaign, which uses comic strips to fight against the toxic gender stereotypes women and girls face at home, in school, and in politics and peacebuilding. Follow Rawan’s initiative at @TWBI_org.

This episode was produced in collaboration with UN Women.

Special thanks to Azza Abbaro, Omar Elba, Mahmoud Shabeeb, Ayat Mneina, Amin, Ahmed and Enas for voicing the scene from the Super Nsaween comic strip.

Read the full episode transcript.

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