Women, Peace, and Security Index

The Dimensions

The Index Dimensions, Explained:

The Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Index measures women’s status in countries around the world through performance on 13 indicators. These indicators are classified across three dimensions: inclusion (economic, social, political); justice (formal laws and informal discrimination); and security (at the household, community, and societal levels). Indicator data come from credible and widely-recognized sources including UN Agencies, the Peace Research Institute Oslo, the Gallup World Poll, and more.


Inclusion is measured by women’s achievements in education, employment, and parliamentary representation, as well as access to cell phones and financial services.

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Justice captures both formal and informal sources of discrimination. It includes the absence of legal discrimination against women, access to justice, maternal mortality, and bias in favor of sons.

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Security is measured at the household, community, and societal levels through intimate partner violence, perceptions of community safety, political violence targeting women, and the share of women who live in close proximity to armed conflict.

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