Article | 2013

Executive Summary

The work of Dr. Hawa Abdi and Dr. Denis Mukwege present an interesting set of approaches to connecting international resolutions with practical, tangible change. Their work — leveraging their organizations’ success in providing medical care, especially to women, in conflict settings — to institute larger programming efforts aimed at increasing women’s empowerment and agency is innovative, holistic and – with appropriate adaptation – replicable. While there has been a growing recognition of the ability of health professionals to play an important role in conflict resolution processes and peacebuilding efforts by a small set of theorists and practitioners in the conflict resolution field, its connection with the field of women, peace and security has yet to be made. The medical success of these two organizations, the international recognition accorded to their founders and their large repertoire of programming relating to women beyond the purely medical realm warrants a consideration of their work and unique approach.

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