Hillary Clinton Award


The Hillary Rodham Clinton awards are bestowed annually for exceptional leadership in recognizing the important role of women in creating a more peaceful and secure world.

headshot of Human rights activist Nadia Murad Basee Taha
Nadia Murad

In 2014, the Islamic State attacked Nadia’s village in Iraq’s Sinjar region. That day, she witnessed the murders of her…

head shot of Wai Wai
Wai Wai Nu

Wai Wai was among thousands of political prisoners detained by Myanmar’s former military regime. Following the sentencing of her father,…

Hillary Clinton hugs Jineth Bedoya
Jineth Bedoya

Jineth Bedoya is a courageous journalist who has played an instrumental role in representing the voices of victims during the…

Hillary Clinton shakes hands with Elena Ambrosi
Elena Ambrosi

She has been involved in the Colombian peace process from its very beginnings, and was one of three female witnesses…

Bangura and DeGioia
Zainab Bangura

Zainab Bangura is a politician and social activist who previously served as Foreign Minister and as the Minister for Sanitation and Health…